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About Us

Pamela has a passion for helping people on their journey for well-being.  She has spent most of her life learning to live well by studying and practicing healthy lifestyle choices.  Her ultimate goal is to lead others to whole health that includes eating well and being physically active while walking in faith.

Our Story

Faithfilled Wellness

What a wonderful creation we are!  A gift of life from God who cares about our well-being.  Our bodies are to be taken care of according to His will.  Inspired Journey provides opportunities to participate in health and fitness classes based on biblical principles.  We are continually learning ways to lead individuals to a healthier way of living.  Pamela struggled with obesity as a youth.  She spent her teenage years gradually losing the weight by making better food choices and getting plenty of exercise.  It wasn't until later years that she realized how God was guiding her on that journey.  She has decided to commit her life to helping others realize their potential to reach a healthy weight, stay active and understand God's power through it all!

Pamela is constantly studying, having completed a degree in Business Management, and certifications in fitness ministry, senior fitness, therapeutic stretch, wellness coach, lifestyle and weight management.  Future studies include fitness classes for mom and baby, youth and young adult, and fitness nutrition.  She is a Faith & Health Ambassador with Faith and Health Connection, and a Certified Health Coach with Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

Faithfilled Retreats and Conferences

Retreats and conferences have become a new passion of Inspired Journey. As a former board member for WATG, Pamela was the Exhibits Chair who organized the vendors for the annual conferences.  Her goal is to provide an annual expo and ministry conferences for local and regional churches for networking and growing their ministries.  As the Health & Fitness program grows, Pamela plans to offer workshops/conferences on various whole health topics, and a place for Fitness Ministry Leaders to gather for inspiration.


Within the last three years, Pamela has planned church retreats, in addition to writing the materials for them.  The retreats specialize in small groups where your guests have the chance for in-depth discussions and social time.  Retreats kits are in production and available for purchase. 

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I praise 

Pamela Hart
Program Director
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