Whole health that is based on biblical principles involves lifestyle choices such as healthy eating habits, physical activity and, most importantly, where God fits in the midst of it all.  Fit for Life encourages you to live life well in mind, body, soul and spirit.  You will discover how making Him the center of your daily life promotes everlasting results for a better you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We are at our best when all of these areas faithfully function well together.  Begin your journey to a healthier you according to God's will!

Programs & Resources will be available Fall 2020


  • Study guides for groups and individuals to discover what God's word reveals about whole health

  • Fitness Instructor programs to lead classes for adults, seniors, moms & babies, teens and children

  • Retreats, conferences and workshops that educate on the benefits of whole health

  • Health and Life coaching to encourage individuals to reach their goals

  • Online webinars, classes and resources for groups and individuals


  • Lifestyle & Weight Management

  • Nutrition Basics for Healthy Eating

  • Therapeutic Stretch, Senior Fitness, Latin Dance, Praise Dance, and more!

  • Whole Health & the Church