Crafts &



We have some wonderful ideas for your group's craft or mission project during your retreat!

First, decide what your goal is for this part of your event:

     1)  Will your guests be making a craft for themselves to take home?

     2)  Will your guests give their craft to someone else who they want to thank or encourage?

     3)  Do you want to sell the items at a craft sale to raise money for your group or church?

     4)  Does your group or church already support a mission that you can contribute items to for those in need?

     5)  Are you searching for a new mission project to support?

Whatever the reason, we hope you find the right project for your group.  If you see one that is not quite what you are looking for feel free to make changes.  Make it your own!                                  

Decorate Pumpkins

Make this as simple or elaborate as you like! 

You will need:

 - A variety of acrylic or latex paints

 - Latex primer if you plan to paint the whole pumpkin

 - Various sizes of paint brushes 

 - Large cups to hold brushes (2-3 per table)

 - Bowls of water to rinse brushes(2-3 per table)

 - Paper plates (1 per guest, plus extra)

Set up a table for all of the supplies.  Guests can fill their paper plates with their choice of paints and paint their pumpkins.  You may want to have samples or pictures of painted pumpkins to inspire them.


 - Add gems or buttons with a glue gun

 - Purchase, collect or cut out leaves and decoupage them onto the pumpkins. 

 - Use decorative tape to create a plaid look.

 - Contact a local farmer to donate some pumpkins, or buy craft pumpkins at your local craft store.

painted pumpkin2_edited.jpg
Pen a Picture Mug

DIY Sharpie mugs are all the rage!  Not to mention less messy then paint.

You will need:

- White coffee mugs (purchase at your local dollar store)

- Sharpie paint pens (oil based)

- Stencils of leaves, branches, flowers, etc. 

This one is easy.  Give each guest a mug and set out a variety of paint pens and stencils per table.  Let the creativity begin!

Let the mugs dry for a few hours.  This craft should be done in the morning to allow time to dry and bake before the retreat ends.

How to bake:

- Place mugs in a COLD oven. 

- Set oven at 350° and bake for 30 minutes.

- Turn off oven and let mugs cool.  DO NOT OPEN the oven until it has cooled otherwise mugs may crack or shatter.

- We suggest you bake mugs a second time using the steps above to ensure artwork will not wash off.

- Hand washing mugs is recommended.

sharpie mug.jpg
Design a Floral Tin

Do you or someone you know have a knack for flower arranging?  Teach the women how to design a floral tin!

You will need:

- An assortment of artificial flowers 

- Tin buckets (available on Amazon)

- Marbles or stones placed in tin to hold f