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We have some wonderful ideas for your group's craft or mission project during your retreat!

First, decide what your goal is for this part of your event:

     1)  Will your guests be making a craft for themselves to take home?

     2)  Will your guests give their craft to someone else who they want to thank or encourage?

     3)  Do you want to sell the items at a craft sale to raise money for your group or church?

     4)  Does your group or church already support a mission that you can contribute items to for those in need?

     5)  Are you searching for a new mission project to support?

Whatever the reason, we hope you find the right project for your group.  If you see one that is not quite what you are looking for feel free to make changes.  Make it your own!                                  

Decorate Pumpkins

Make this as simple or elaborate as you like! 

You will need:

 - A variety of acrylic or latex paints

 - Latex primer if you plan to paint the whole pumpkin

 - Various sizes of paint brushes 

 - Large cups to hold brushes (2-3 per table)

 - Bowls of water to rinse brushes(2-3 per table)

 - Paper plates (1 per guest, plus extra)

Set up a table for all of the supplies.  Guests can fill their paper plates with their choice of paints and paint their pumpkins.  You may want to have samples or pictures of painted pumpkins to inspire them.


 - Add gems or buttons with a glue gun

 - Purchase, collect or cut out leaves and decoupage them onto the pumpkins. 

 - Use decorative tape to create a plaid look.

 - Contact a local farmer to donate some pumpkins, or buy craft pumpkins at your local craft store.

painted pumpkin2_edited.jpg
Pen a Picture Mug

DIY Sharpie mugs are all the rage!  Not to mention less messy then paint.

You will need:

- White coffee mugs (purchase at your local dollar store)

- Sharpie paint pens (oil based)

- Stencils of leaves, branches, flowers, etc. 

This one is easy.  Give each guest a mug and set out a variety of paint pens and stencils per table.  Let the creativity begin!

Let the mugs dry for a few hours.  This craft should be done in the morning to allow time to dry and bake before the retreat ends.

How to bake:

- Place mugs in a COLD oven. 

- Set oven at 350° and bake for 30 minutes.

- Turn off oven and let mugs cool.  DO NOT OPEN the oven until it has cooled otherwise mugs may crack or shatter.

- We suggest you bake mugs a second time using the steps above to ensure artwork will not wash off.

- Hand washing mugs is recommended.

sharpie mug.jpg
Design a Floral Tin

Do you or someone you know have a knack for flower arranging?  Teach the women how to design a floral tin!

You will need:

- An assortment of artificial flowers 

- Tin buckets (available on Amazon)

- Marbles or stones placed in tin to hold flowers upright

- Greenery as filler can also be used to hold flowers in place.


- Decorate the tin with stickers or letter stencils for initials, name or a message.

- Use fresh fall flowers such as mums and plant in dirt as part of the retreat theme of planting seeds.

- Add gingham, burlap or ribbon to decorate the tin.

- Invite a florist to do a formal presentation on flowers as part of the craft session.

This is a great craft to give away!  Attach a tag to write a message to the recipient.  Also a nice item to sell at craft fairs.


floral tin.jpg
Create a Luminary

These leaf luminary jars make a wonderful addition to your fall decor!

You will need:

- Mason jars - 16 oz 

- 8 -10 leaves per jar - real or fake

- Sponge brushes

- Decoupage

- Tealight candles - wax or battery-operated

- Raffia

Wash the jars in soapy water and dry completely.  Brush a layer of decoupage on a small area and place a leaf on the jar.  Add another layer of decoupage over the top.  Continue adding leaves, overlapping as you go.  Add decoupage as needed in areas where leaves may not stick right away.

Hint: Thin leaves work best.  Real ones are nice but can break if they are dry, depending on when in fall you are doing this project.

Tie raffia around the mouth of the jar.  Add a candle and you have your very own luminary!

leaf luminary_edited.jpg
Make a Wreath

Welcome friends and family into your home with an autumn wreath!

You will need:

- Twig wreaths 

- Assortment of flowers, leaves, pine cones, sprigs, mini-pumpkins

- Floral wire or twist ties

- Ribbon and/or raffia

- Glue guns

The time you have scheduled for the craft session may determine what kind of wreath the women will make.  Also, how much you have to

spend or get donated.  A simple half-moon design is just as beautiful and less time consuming.

Have women lay out their design first before assembling so they don't have to go back and take items off and re-do.  Once they have it laid

out they can use floral wire or twist ties to attach each item to the twig wreath.  Glue guns can be used for smaller items or ones that lay on top of other items.  Use ribbon or raffia to add a final touch!

These are great items to sell at craft fairs! 

autumn wreath2.jpg
Blankets for Missions

Blankets are a necessity all around the world.  There are many types of blankets your group can make.  We will give you the easiest no-sew option but feel free to browse the internet for DIY blankets.  Quilted and crocheted ones require more time.  You could start them at the retreat

and then invite women to return at a later date to finish them.  A great way to reunite friends!  Blankets can be dropped off at Project Linus locations. Visit for a location near you.

You will need:

- Fleece material (54"- 60" wide) 1-1/2 yards for children

1-3/4 yards for average adult, 2 yards for tall adults

- Scissors

Cut two pieces of equal size and lay them back to back (print on outside).  Cut 4" off at each corner, then cut strips around all edges that measure 1" wide by 4" long.  Do this for both pieces.  Tie two strips (one from each piece) in a knot and proceed until all strips are tied.  That is all there is to it!  Feel free to browse the internet for further details and pictures.


fleece blanket.jpg
Sensory blankets

For Dementia patients or Autistic children, these blankets help those who fidget.  Donate to your local nursing homes or autism organization.

You will need:

- Quilt squares or material cut into a 24" x 24" square.  

- Variety of items such as zipper, shoe laces, buttons, ribbons

- Sewing machine and/or needles and thread

Two options are available:

1)  Using the quilt squares, sew together to make a square that measures approximately 24" x 24".  Sew on an item in each square or across 2-3 squares i.e. a zipper.

2)  Using the pre-cut 24" x 24" squares, sew to squares together.  One side can be a pattern and the back side a solid color.  You may also choose to fill it to make a thicker blanket.  Sew on various items.

Sensory blankets are an essential therapy.  Many of our elderly are affected by Dementia and youth with autism who would benefit from one of these blankets.

sensory blanket.jpg
Soup in a Jar

This project is nice for women at the retreat to add a personal note and give to someone they want to thank or encourage.  Sell them at a craft fair, or give them to an organization to feed those in need.  

You will need (for pint size jar):

- 1/3 cup pinto beans               - 1 tsp paprika

- 1/3 cup green peas                - 1 Tbsp onion

- 1/3 cup black beans               - 1 Tbsp garlic

- 1/3 cup great northern beans   - 1 Bay leaf

- 1/3 cup kidney beans             - 1 Tbsp oregano

- 1 tsp. dry mustard                   -  1 tsp rosemary

- 1 veggie bouillon cube

To make jar: Layer all ingredients in jar in order listed.  Close lid, add ribbon and a tag listing cooking instructions.  

To make soup:  Add ingredients, five cups of water and one 14 oz. can of diced tomatoes to a saucepan.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer until the beans are tender.  About 90 minutes.  Add more water if necessary to soften beans.  Discard bay leaf before serving. 

soup in a jar.jpg
Puppets for Children

Get creative with puppets to donate to children's hospitals, shelters, schools, libraries, and churches!  Plan on making and packaging sets of five for each child.

You will need:

- Felt of various colors

- Hot glue gun and glue sticks

- Fabric scissors

- Googly eyes of various sizes

- Black markers

- Pliers or tweezers

To make the duck:  Cut a piece of yellow felt 3" x 3".  Wrap around your finger, or a child's finger, to measure and trim to fit.  Cut two humps (shape of "M") on the top edge. Add glue along the right side, fold left edge over and attach to glued edge.  Cut an orange beak and two feet (as pictured). Add eyes and two black felt dots on beak.

Additional instructions available here:  PAGE 

finger puppets.jpg
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