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Equipped to be the best version of yourself


Private Sessions     When you need someone to talk to alone, one-on-one.  Someone to listen.                                                                   Someone to encourage and support.  Our coaches conduct sessions in a

                                         relaxed confidential environment.

Flexible Schedule    What time works for you?  Whether life is busy because of family or work,                                                                   we can find a time to get together during the day.  Some evenings available.

Flexible Location    Sit at a coffee shop in the morning, a stroll through the park in the                                                                                 afternoon, or an evening chat on the front porch.  Where do you want to meet?

                                         Think comfortable.  Think peaceful.  With little or no distractions.


Your Plan for Wellness   We meet you where you are on your health journey and give you the

                                                        tools to live life well.  You set your goals.  Decide what you want to

                                                        do with the guidance of your coach.

Share Specific Needs   What are your concerns?  Unlike a structured class, we can spend as much 

                                                  time needed to discuss a specific area of your health to resolve issues that

                                                  are keeping you from the best version of yourself.

Finding Joy in the Midst     We pray together.  Pray for God's hand on your life as you take the

                                                          steps necessary to live as He intended.  Letting go and moving forward

                                                          in faith is the premise of our coaching program.


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