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The Journey Begins

This is just the beginning...

A new adventure to share my passion, goals, and experience with you. God has blessed each of us with gifts. Sometimes it's confusing to know exactly what He wants from us. For me, a consistent thread has wound through my life to share experiences with others through organized events. I love to travel, attend retreats, conferences and anything else that has to do with learning new things and seeing God's creation. I confess...I'm a planner - spending hours arranging itineraries, researching places to go and things to do. However, I do not like to fly so North America is my boundary. There is so much to see in the U.S. and Canada that I'll not run out of trips to plan. There are many reasons to gather people together at retreats and conferences that I'll not run out of events to plan.

Because we all have a few gifts, not just one, I have a difficult time narrowing down what Inspired Journey should be. Four areas of travel/events touch my heart which leads me to offering faith-based, educational, voluntourism and wellness opportunities. I trust God will continue to enlighten me as I venture into each area. It has been a long time waiting and wondering what direction to take. I am so excited to finally "get it" - my purpose during my time left on earth.

So, journey with me...let's be inspired together!

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