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What would a retreat be without games?  Social time is good for the soul so encourage the women to participate and  have fun! 

We gathered a few games that have worked well at past retreats.  Feel free to use some or all of them.  The important part is to enjoy your time together playing games and interacting with each other.

#1 Toss the Beans

You will need:

  - Pumpkin board (Oriental Trading or Amazon)

  - Bean bags at start line

  - Tape line – 8’ – 10’ from board

  - Sign on stand

     POINTS:  on pumpkin board

toss the beans.jpg

#3 Pass the Ball

You will need:

  - Croquet set 

  - 4 hoops in ground – first one 5’-6’ from start         line, add 2’ with each                                                - 4 balls at start line                                                     - Mallet                                                                            - Tape line                                                                      - Sign on stand 

     POINTS: on hoops - use decorative paper

     to make numbers.  Give two or three tries

     per hoop if playing on grass.                                

pass the ball.jpg

#2 Ring the Pumpkin

You will need:

  - 6 or more pumpkins with #s – scatter with             lower points closer, higher points farther

  - 5 rings at start line (cross stitch hoops work           well for tossing)

  - Tape line – 5’-6’ from closest pumpkin

  - Sign on stand

     POINTS: write on pumpkins, by 5, 10, 15, 20,       25 (higher points for longer throws)

HF games3.jpg

#4 Bowl 'em Over

You will need:

   - Candy corn bowling pins and ball

      (Oriental Trading or Amazon)

   - Option: Painted empty soda bottles for pins          and squash for the ball

   - Sign on stand

      POINTS:  per pin knocked down

      Two attempts per person

candy corn bowling.jpg

#5 Corn Cob Toss

Gourds work too!

You will need:                       

  - 5 buckets with points taped on sides               

  - Bucket with corn cobs at start line                          - Taped start line 5'-6' from 5 point bucket

  - Numbers 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25

  - Sign on stand

    POINTS:  on bucket, use decorative paper

HF games.jpg

#7 Spin & Play

Option: Pick & Play 

You will need:  

 - Spin wheel or bucket with slips of paper



 (Write on spin wheel spaces or slips of paper)

  - Hop on one foot

  - Touch your toes

  - Sing a song i.e. Jesus Loves Me

  - Hug your teammates

  - Tell one person in your group one thing you           like about them

  -  Whistle a tune

  -  Reach in a bag and guess what’s in it

     POINTS:  give points for each for difficulty,           by 5, 10, 15, etc.

spin wheel2.jpg

#6 Pin the Schnoz

You will need:

  - 1 large pumpkin with face drawn on it

  - Blindfold

  - Paper cut-out noses with tape or glue dots

     POINTS:  on the nose is 25, eyes or mouth is         20 anywhere within the face is 15, and 10               points outside of the face.

pumpkin nose.jpg

#8 Pick-a-Pumpkin

You will need:

  - Large container of water

  - Mini pumpkins (plastic available on Amazon,       or real ones)

     POINTS:  Players can pick 1, or 2 pumpkins           and add points together.

      Write the points on bottom of each                          pumpkin with a waterproof marker. Use  5,            10, 15, 20, and 25.  You can have 2 or more            of each one i.e.  five 5's, five 10's, four 15's,            three 20's and three 25's.

pick a pumpkin.jpg
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