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Share Jesus through our monthly magazine.  Our hope is your business partners with us in spreading the gospel while introducing your products and services.

Be inspired.  We are all about the journey and treasure every day on this earth as a gift from God.  Let His Word be your inspiration to daily live your life to the fullest in his name.

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Inspired by Faith cover Sept-Oct 2021.png

September/October 2021

Harvesting Faith

Grow in faith.  This issue focuses on striving to always do good and when the time is right we will reap a harvest that is pleasing to our Creator.  Just as farmers gather their crops to provide nourishment for the body, we can also harvest faith that He instills in us and others, filling us spiritually to serve Him.

July/August 2021

Finding Your Happy Place

 As we enjoy  warm and sunny summer days, let us constantly be reminded of His beauty all around us.  On land, at sea or in the sky, what a glorious gift we have been given to lift our spirits! Our journeys may look different yet we know they all lead to one place.  Finding joy in troubling times is truly how we can find our happy place!  

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March/April 2021

Celebrate this Easter with hope

As we look forward to thawing out and warmer weather, we rejoice once again in the reassurance of God's love when we celebrate Easter.  Every spring we are reminded that He sent His Son to free us from sin.  What a glorious blessing to know we are redeemed by Jesus' unselfish act!

January/February 2021